Sunday, October 30, 2011

Akita Map of Japan Region

Akita Map of Japan Regionwidth

Akita Prefecture is amid in the northwestern allotment of the Tohoku arena with its west ancillary adverse the Sea of Japan.

As for its climate, winters are continued while summers are short. However, melancholia changes are so bright that the advancing and activity of the seasons can calmly be sensed in this prefecture.

There is still a lot of untouched, admirable attributes actual actuality such as the Shirakami-Sanchi (Shirakami Mountains), a World Heritage site, and accustomed Akita cedar which is advised as one of the three best admirable forests in the country. Because the acclimate gets actual algid during the winter, there are abounding fair-skinned, admirable women actuality who are accepted as "Akita-bijin (Akita beauties)."

Lake Tazawa which lies in the western allotment of this prefecture boasts the centermost abyss civic and is accepted as a day-tripper spot. Akita is actual alive in bearing locally-brewed account (rice wine) fabricated from high-quality rice and baptize and is broadly accustomed as the "center of rice and account making."

Akita Map of Japan Region

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