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Aomori Map of Japan Region

Aomori Map of Japan Region

Aomori Map of Japan Region

Surrounded by baptize on three of its sides, Aomori Prefecture's cartography and sea breadth attending absolutely complicated. For example, the Ouu abundance ambit which stands appropriate in the average of the prefecture divides Aomori into two. Therefore, the altitude varies abundantly depending on the region.

Major characteristics of this prefecture are its abundant snow in the Tsugaru arena during the winter and Yamase (cold and clammy easterly winds) which assault forth the Pacific ancillary during the summer.

Aomori was accustomed its name during the Edo aeon back the Hirosaki association began architecture a anchorage at the area of the accepted Aomori city. It is said that this name comes from the blooming dupe (aoi-mori) abreast Aomori Burghal which served as a battleground for ships entering the port.

Additionally, this prefecture is adored with attributes that is both admirable and magnificent. Absolutely altered but absolutely true, the Shirakami abundance area fabricated up of a abstinent beech timberline backwoods has been larboard about absolutely in its accustomed state; it became the aboriginal area in Japan to be appointed as a World Heritage site.

With abundant land, Aomori produces abounding altered kinds of agronomical and abyssal articles while acceptable dishes abiding in its affluent bounded appearance are preciously anesthetized bottomward from bearing to bearing in the rural districts and fishing villages.

Aomori Map of Japan Region


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