Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fukushima Map of Japan Region

Fukushima Map of Japan Region

Fukushima Map of Japan Region

Fukushim Prefecture is amid in an about 200km breadth from Tokyo and is the southern best prefecture of the Tohoku region.

Three altered types of altitude abide actuality which are Hama-dori, Naka-dori and Aizu. Fukushima's acreage breadth is the third better nationwide.

Naka-dori has an inland-type altitude with acutely aerial temperatures during the summer. Even in the winter, the falling snow rarely mounts to added than 30cm.

Hama-dori has a Pacific altitude and is acutely balmy for a prefecture of the Tohoku region. Summers are cools while snow hardly avalanche in wintertime. The acclimate is appealing abutting to that of the Kanto region, enabling a adequate pleasantness.

On the added hand, Aizu, whose altitude is of the Sea of Japan type, is accepted to be one of the nation's top abundant blast areas. Sources say that Fukushima-ken that is agnate to what it is now in the present day was built-in in the 9th year of the Meiji era afterwards the prefectures of the then-called Wakamatsu, Iwasaki, and Fukushima were alloyed together.

One fable suggests that the name of the prefecture was taken from Fukushima-cho which was the prefectural basic aback then. Indeed, Fukushima Prefecture is a adored arena with lots of treasures to be appreciative of such as its admirable nature, affluence of agronomical aftermath and abyssal products, and added than a hundred hot springs.

Fukushima Map of Japan Region


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